Thomas Lemmer - Awakening

Thomas Lemmer – Awakening


by Thomas Lemmer

Thomas Lemmer is back with a new EP “Awakening”.

“Awakening” will be released on July 17th, 2020, by the Ambient/Electronic label Sine Music on all established streaming and download platforms.

Thomas Lemmer is, of course, still working on solo material besides various releases with his collaboration partners Andreas Bach (Night Travellers) and Christoph Sebastian Pabst (Meerblick). The result is a mini album in the Balearic Chill Style, perfect to start the day or let it end with a beautiful sunset.

The songs of his current EP have been created over a longer period of time. “Awakening” also contains an exclusive remix by Tauon, which puts the title track in an extraordinary light once again. There is also a new version of “Cycle of Life”. This track has already been featured exclusively on a Sine Music Compilation. Now the “2020 Version” is finally available on an album by Thomas Lemmer.

Let the soft sounds wake you up, or enjoy the music in a relaxed atmosphere.

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