Thomas Lemmer - Arctica (Lukas Midub Remix)

Thomas Lemmer – Arctica (Lukas Midub Remix)

Thomas Lemmer – Arctica (Lukas Midub Remix)

Sine Music is gearing up for an exciting release on December 15th – a truly exceptional remix by Lukas Midub of Thomas Lemmer’s “Arctica”. This release will be accessible on all major streaming and download platforms.

Experience the mesmerizing transformation of “Arctica”, a song originally composed by Thomas Lemmer in 2014 for his “Zero Gravity” album. Nearly a decade later, Lukas Midub unearthed this hidden gem and approached Thomas Lemmer with a proposition to remix it in a captivating progressive deep electronica style that would transport listeners on a trance-inducing journey.

Inspired by Lukas Midub’s deep Dub sounds and artistic vision, Thomas Lemmer eagerly shared the individual tracks for Lukas Midub to weave his magic into a 14-minute epic remix. The resulting sonic masterpiece immerses you in Lukas Midub’s distinctive soundscapes, enveloping you in an entrancing atmosphere, driven by hypnotic rhythms and ethereal melodies.

The journey commences with a chilling, arctic breeze, setting the mood and tone for the adventure. As gentle and warm pad sounds gradually emerge, they lay the groundwork for Thomas Lemmer’s iconic Arctica melody. Gradually, the beat intensifies, with drums ushering in a climactic crescendo while analog synth arpeggios evoke the changing climate of the composition.

This musical voyage is a hypnotic odyssey through soundscapes, ensuring that you emerge after 14 minutes completely captivated and exhilarated.

In addition to Lukas Midub’s mesmerizing remix, he has crafted a stripped-down ambient version, inviting you to close your eyes and envision a serene flight through the pristine, ice-cold landscapes of the Arctic.

To conclude this exceptional journey, the EP includes a meticulously remastered version of the original track by Thomas Lemmer. “Remastered” scarcely does justice to the effort, as Thomas Lemmer delved into the heart of the original mix, reimagining it from the ground up and ultimately bestowing it with a fresh and pristine master, breathing new life into his masterpiece.

Dive into this exciting reimagining of Thomas Lemmer’s original masterpiece, a timeless gem plucked from his acclaimed album, “Zero Gravity”.

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