Anji Bee is a Southern California vocalist, lyricist, podcaster and vidcaster. She is one half of the indie band, Lovespirals, as well as the hostess and producer of the chillout music podcast, The Chillcast, and Chillcast Video, as well as the co-hostess and producer of the Chillin’ with Lovespirals podcast.

Anji Bee just created a new Chillcast Video with the song “Rette mich” by diPOLAR. diPOLAR is Elke Ludwig (lead vocals) and me, a German pop-duo. We’ve produced this song some years ago. Thanks to Anji Bee for playing it in her Chillcast Video series.

Watch a live performance of diPOLAR’s “Rette Mich”with special guests, Harmony Central, on YouTube.

Purchase diPOLAR music on iTunes.